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Q-Bic Wax Pen (Variable Voltage)

Q-Bic Wax Pen (Variable Voltage)

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If you're looking for a slim wax pen, this Q-Bic wax pen might be one of the best wax pens on the market that you could buy.

The Q-Bic wax pen features a pure flat quartz coil atomizer which can bring out the best flavors of your favorite concentrates, unlike other wax pens that only features one fixed voltage, the Q-Bic wax pen features 3 voltage settings which means you can choose the best temperature for different types of concentrates ranging from resin to shatter.Ā 

The Q-Bic wax pen features a 400 mAh battery which can last for more than 7 sessions.Ā 

Features Of This Wax Pen:

  • Preheat
  • Pure Flat Quartz Atomizer
  • 400 mAh Battery

Package Includesļ¼š

  • 1x 400 mAh Q-Bic Preheat Battery
  • 1x Flat Quartz Coil AtomizerĀ 
  • 1x Glass Tube
  • 1x MouthpieceĀ 
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Gift box

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