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14mm Cage Perc Ash Catcher

14mm Cage Perc Ash Catcher

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Unlike most of the ash catchers on the market that mostly feature a honeycomb percolator or a tree percolator, this uniquely designed ash catcher features a cage percolator, comparing to other types of percs, the cage perc doesn't cost too much extra drag when you inhale, so if you have a multiple percolator bong, this one is a perfect choice. 

The joint that goes on the bong or downstem is a 14mm male joint, the old 14mm male bong bowl from you bong can still be used on the 14mm female joint on this catcher. 

  • Cage Percolator
  • Thick Glass
  • Tilted Joint
  • Joint: 14mm Male to 14mm Female
  • Weight: 146g
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